Friday, June 17, 2011

Guest Bombing Using a Recycled 80's Sweater

This is a first time event for me: Guest Yarn Bombing. My friend came in from out of town, and to show her a little Ithaca action, I decided to take her yarn bombing. This particular piece of bombing is a little 80's gem that I found in a free yarn bag. The wild colors of this arm of a sweater are what attracted me to it. When I first saw it, I immediately imagined a grandmother of decades past lovingly knitting a sweater for her grandchild. Fortunately for me, it was unfinished, yielding a perfect quick-bomb for my friend to experience sewing onto the tree herself! This is something that I thoroughly enjoyed, and plan on doing again. Don't throw out those old tattered cardigans you never wear... donate them to a community tree near you! Trees need sweaters too!!

"Why no tag?" you ask? Well, since I didn't knit this piece myself, I thought it would be plagiarism to take credit for the hours of work someone else had put into it. I did, however, want everyone to see what an awesome product a recycled sweater can be!

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