Thursday, June 2, 2011

I want to know what YOU think!!

How did you come across the particular yarn bomb you encountered?
Are there any areas that need cheering?
Any grumpy neighbors that hate yarn based graffiti that need a couple works of art on their mailbox??
Is there a tree in your yard that could use sprucing?

Let me know where you think I should yarn bomb next, or even better, grab some yarn and give it a try! Here's an awesome website that can help you get started:

Here's a fun fact: International Yarn Bombing Day is June 11th!!! Don't miss out!!


  1. We saw one last year on a tree in bell park. We were really sad when it disappeared a few months later. I really liked that it had an arm for the branch that came out. It's been really nice to see some more today. None quite as nice as the first so far though.

  2. I found three today! How many more could there be?

  3. I saw one of the yarn bombs in the park near Gimme on Cayuga St a couple of years ago. Then today I saw one on the railing by Cascadilla creek.

    There's a tree in front of my house that is screaming for a yarn bomb. 445 N. Aurora St.
    The tree is sad. It needs cheering up!